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Magnifica Comunità
di Fiemme

Il Palazzo, Museo Pinacoteca

Magnifica Comunità
di Fiemme

Il Palazzo, Museo Pinacoteca


The villages

The first available list of all villages members of Magnifica Comunità di Fiemme dates back to 1234 AD. This document was drafted in Egna and consists of an accurate reconnaissance on the territory, with a list of all boundary stones. The listed villages are Castello, Carano, Daiano, Cavalese-Varena, Tesero, Costa di Predazzo and Moena.

In each village, heads of the household over 25 years of age convened with their elected representatives in order to discuss relevant matters, and decisions were effective if voted by at least two thirds of the participants. The assembly also examined and approved the annual economic balance.

Representatives remained in office for one year and their number was decided on the basis of the inhabitants of each village:

  • 4 representatives for Cavalese-Varena, Tesero and Moena
  • 3 for Trodena, Carano and Predazzo
  • 2 for Castello and Daiano.

Following ancient traditions, elections were held on different days: Tesero and Castello appointed their representatives on St. Michael’s day, 29th September, whereas the other villages installed theirs on 22nd February, first spring day according to middle age calendars.

The representatives were called Regolani. They had to manage collective assets such as land and woods, keep the files, monitor rivers brooks and lakes, supervise roads and bridges and keep general order. They could also appoint jury members.

Parts of the woods were saved for specific uses established by the assembly and the representatives.